Our Commitment to Safety

At Makkinga Contractors, we are committed to providing a safe working environment by reviewing stringent safety policies and orientation at the beginning of each project to employees and contractors to ensure they go home to their families at the end of the day.

Health & Safety

As an active member in standing with the WSIB Safety Groups Program, through the Construction Association of Thunder Bay, and an approved contractor with  ISNetworld and Cognibox, we ensure regulatory compliance is met, and risks are managed effectively.

In addition, all employees receive health and safety training applicable to their job from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, NORCAT and other training organizations with stringent safety standards that promote incident prevention and help eliminate and reduce hazards in an ongoing effort to protect our workers, consumers and the public, and also improve the way we work.


Makkinga Healthy Workers



Preventative Safety Training & Planning

Our comprehensive safety program begins with an orientation to ensure all employees are trained and competent before they set foot on your site.

Daily meetings are then conducted to review site conditions for work hazards and safety-related issues that may involve our team on all projects before our workers begin work.

Safety representatives also conduct weekly inspections, daily hazard assessments and review tools, equipment, and the status of training to make sure all employees are competent and up-to-date with mandatory training.


Safety Training

All employees receive health and safety training applicable to their job, and our commitment to safety has resulted in zero downtime since 2011.


Fit For Duty

Additionally, Makkinga Contractors is proud to provide a safe and secure workplace that supports employee well-being, safety and success by prioritizing employee fitness for duty.

Our commitment provides education and training to help employees and managers identify signs of substance, fatigue, and stress impairment with warning signs that may indicate that an employee may not be fit for duty.

At Makkinga Contractors, we focus on gathering and sharing the most current information to ensure all occupational health and safety regulations are met and practiced by all employees to help raise awareness of potential hazards the construction industry faces daily.

If you would like more information on our programs, policies and procedures, please contact our office.